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Senior Admissions™

Reduce the complexity in your private or independent school Admissions Office with Senior Admissions™.
Your Admissions Office has a lot of detailed data to collect and manage, checklists and applications and paperwork to track, interviews and tours to coordinate, catalogs and letters to mail, and enrollment contracts and financial aid to administrate. Accuracy, efficiency, and productivity are essential. Your school admissions software needs to do all that and coordinate with your registrar and student information systems, your accounting systems, and your Advancement or Development office.
Senior Admissions™ can help you keep it all under control. Here are just a few of the features:
  • Easy data entry or import to collect biographical data for inquiries and applicants
  • Customizable checklists to track all requirements for each grade level
  • Automated mailing process for catalogs, follow-up letters, and decisions
  • Extensive reporting, analysis and data export capabilities to give you the details AND the big picture
  • Add Senior Enrollment Management™ for contract and deposit management
  • Add Senior Financial Aid™ to track and administrate the financial aid process
  • Add the Online Admissions option for My BackPack™ to accept inquiries and applications via your school's website
  • Add Senior Dashboard™ for Admissions for graphical analysis and up-to-the-minute reporting
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