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Senior Events Management™

Plan, organize and track constituent event details for your private or independent school Advancement Office with Senior Events Management™.
Fundraising and other constituent events such as banquets, golf tournaments, and auctions are an important part of your Advancement Office efforts. Your events management software needs to help you plan and organize, budget and track revenues and expenses, mail invitations, manage task and volunteer assignments, and print name tags and place cards. And of course, you want your events management system to integrate closely with your constituent management system, accounting software, and student information system.
Senior Events Management™ is an add-on module for Senior Alumni/Development™ which provides tools to manage constituent-related events and activities.
  • Handles a wide variety of events including golf tournaments, banquets, and auctions
  • Events can be simple, single-day occurrences or can encompass multiple activities over a series of days
  • Establish budgets, price structures, floor plans, and seating charts
  • Manage important tasks and volunteer/staff assignments
  • Mail invitations, create name tags and place cards
  • Track expenses and revenues by activity or by event
  • Upload digital photos for future use in publications, etc.
  • Import from or export to your auction tracking software
  • Integrates with the Senior Alumni/Development™ module to access constituent data and to create new constituents from event attendees
  • Integrates with the Senior General Ledger™ module to post event revenues
  • Integrates with the Senior Registrar™ module to access faculty, student, and parent data to invite guests and gather volunteers
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