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Senior Accounts Payable™

Efficiently manage your private or independent school payment and purchase order processing with Senior Accounts Payable™.
Your payables and purchasing department keeps track of a wide assortment of purchases and outgoing funds. You need to maintain up-to-date vendor account data, post invoices, print checks, and manage the entire purchase order process, from creation to receiving to payment. You also need to handle special cases like refunds and charge-backs for students and parents, print 1099s for vendors, and account for miscellaneous cash disbursements. You need reports to help you manage your cash flow, access to transaction history, and the ability to make easy corrections. And, of course, you need complete integration with your general ledger, accounts receivable system (for refunds and charge-backs), purchase request system, and campus store software.
Senior Accounts Payable™, as part of Senior Business Office™, is specifically designed to handle all the unique needs of an independent school payables office, to help you keep everything running smoothly.
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