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Senior Accounts Receivable™

Efficiently manage your private or independent school student billing and cash receipts processing with Senior Accounts Receivable™.
Your billing office has to manage a lot of details. You need to maintain up-to-date student account data, post charges for tuition and incidentals, produce clear and readable statements for parents, and manage multiple billing schedules, payment plans, and financial aid awards. On the cash receipts side, you need to accurately apply payments received to student account balances, enrollment deposits and other prepaid charges, and perhaps maintain various types of debit account balances as well. You need reports to summarize and age receivables, access to transaction history, and the ability to make easy corrections. And, of course, you need complete integration with your student information system, general ledger, accounts payable system (for refunds and charge-backs), admissions system (for new student data) and campus store software.
Senior Accounts Receivable™, as part of Senior Business Office™, is specifically designed to handle all the unique needs of an independent school billing office, to help you keep everything running smoothly.
  • Quickly enter charges by student or by group, with separate balances for tuition and incidentals
  • Produce clear, understandable statements by student or by family
  • Handles multiple billing addresses for students
  • Easy to set up and administer tuition billing schedules and payment plans
  • Summary and detailed reports to review aging, overdue amounts, and student account data
  • Integrates with Senior Accounts Payable™ for refunds and charge-backs, and Senior General Ledger™ for journal entries
  • With Senior Admissions™, transfer new student data directly to eliminate double-entry
  • With Senior Financial Aid™, transfer and apply financial aid amounts to student accounts
  • Add the Student/Parent Community for My BackPack™ to allow parents to view charges and statements and to make payments online
  • Add Senior Dashboard™ for Business Office to get graphical analysis and up-to-the-minute reporting
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