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Senior Business Office™

Keep your private or independent school business office running smoothly with Senior Business Office™.
Though often behind the scenes, your business office is a critical component of the school. You need to provide accurate and timely information to many different stakeholders—parents need accurate and easy to read billing statements, department heads need to check the status of purchase orders and budgets, administrators need management reports, and board members and other parties need professional financial statements. To keep from drowning in the paperwork, you need efficiency and productivity, you need accurate, real-time information, and you need to be able to connect detailed data in a variety of ways. All the components of your accounting software have to be completely integrated for accuracy and efficiency.
Senior Business Office™ is a tightly integrated set of modules that is designed specifically for the unique needs of the private/independent school environment and includes:
You can further extend functionality and integration with these add-on modules for Senior Business Office™:
Senior Business Office™ also integrates with other components of the Senior Systems product line:
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