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Senior Campus Store™

Manage your private or independent school campus store (or any campus sales location) with Senior Campus Store™.
Maybe you just sell books, or maybe you offer a full selection of clothing, snacks, and spirit items. Maybe you also want to automate sales in your cafeteria, snack bar, or athletic store. Whatever the scale, you need a system that can handle cash or charge transactions quickly and smoothly, keep track of inventory, and integrate with point-of-sale technologies like touch screens, magnetic stripe cards, and bar-code scanners. You also need detailed history, sales analysis, inventory replenishment, and reporting. And, of course, you want it to integrate easily with your accounting systems to facilitate charges to student accounts, purchasing, and posting sales and inventory to the general ledger.
Senior Campus Store™ can function as a stand-alone system or as an integrated component of Senior Business Office™ to manage any location on campus where you sell products or services.
  • Seamlessly manage multiple locations and types of storesóbookstore, cafeteria, athletic store, snack bar, etc.
  • Intuitive touch-screen or keyboard interface makes it easy to train staff
  • Quick customer or product search, with detailed transaction history
  • Define your own product groups and categories, set re-order points and target stock quantities
  • Print product or customer bar-code labels for accurate inventory management and quick check-out
  • Select from a wide variety of POS equipment to simplify operations and increase efficiency
  • Integration with Senior Accounts Receivable™ enables charges to student debit or credit accounts
  • Integration with Senior Accounts Payable™ streamlines purchasing and receiving process
  • Integration with Senior General Ledger™ posts sales and inventory transaction data
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