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Senior Purchase Requests™

Tie your private or independent school purchase requests to specific budgets and automate purchase order creation with Senior Purchase Requests™.
A good purchasing process provides flexibility and control, while eliminating duplicate data entry. You need a system that ties purchases to budget line items, but pushes much of the data entry process out to the front lines. You need an automated workflow that provides for controls and approvals, yet lets users track the progress of their requests. And you need complete integration with your accounts payable software, to automatically generate purchase orders and facilitate the receiving and invoice payment processes.
Senior Purchase Requests™ is an add-on module for Senior Budget Management™, which provides automated workflow and control for the purchasing process. For hosted customers only, we also offer Online Budget Management, which is a browser-based alternative to both Senior Budget Management™ and Senior Purchase Requests™.
  • Let users create standard or blanket purchase requests against their authorized budget accounts
  • Provides controls for approval by supervisors and/or business office personnel
  • Generates warnings when budgets are exceeded and makes it easy to see the funds left to spend in an account
  • Allow users to select an existing vendor, or enter a new vendor subject to approval
  • Integrates with Senior Accounts Payable™ to automatically create purchase orders upon approval
  • Receiving can be handled by individual users or as a centralized function
  • Add Senior Dashboard™ for Business Office to get graphical analysis and up-to-the-minute reporting
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