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Senior Student Loans™

Streamline your private or independent school student loan processing with Senior Student Loans™.
Student loans help you to offer exciting opportunities for students, but also require additional effort to administer. You need a system that streamlines this process as much as possible, yet is flexible enough to handle different types of loans, fees, and payments for multiple accounts per student. You need to create statements and mailings, calculate and process payments, and provide aging and management-level reporting. And, of course, you also want the payment process to fully integrate with your general ledger to give you real-time financial data.
Senior Student Loans™ is an add-on module for Senior Business Office™ that helps you to process, track, and report on student loans.
  • Set up loans as ‘mortgage’, ‘declining balance’, or ‘accrued interest’ types
  • Allows multiple loan accounts per student, with full account history
  • Easy to create statements and mailings
  • Process payments, waive fees, adjust past transactions, handle pre-payments, and write off loans as necessary
  • Integrates with Senior General Ledger™ to post transaction data
  • Aged Trial Balance and other summary and detail-level reports to analyze loans and payments by grade, tuition plan, enrollment status and more
  • Add Senior Dashboard™ for Business Office to get graphical analysis and up-to-the-minute reporting
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