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Senior Dashboard™

Keep your finger on the pulse of your private or independent school with the Senior Dashboard™.
You know you need the right information at the right time to effectively manage your school, but there’s a lot going on. You want to keep up with changes as they are happening. You need to see the big picture at a glance, but you also want to drill down into the details. You don’t want to have to run a new report or log into multiple applications just to get an update. You want a set of dynamic, up-to-the-minute analyses customized just for you, with exactly the data you need. And you want it be available with a single click, no matter which application you’re currently using.
Senior Dashboard™ is a set of optional modules which provide a graphical, flexible, and highly customizable information display that is available across all Senior applications. Choose the dashboard modules you need based on which types of Senior products you have installed:
Senior Dashboard™ for Admissions
Senior Dashboard™ for Academics
Senior Dashboard™ for Business Office
Senior Dashboard™ for Alumni/Development
Take a tour of the new Dashboard
  • Create and configure as many widgets as you need, organized onto multiple tab-style pages if necessary
  • Widgets can be instantly re-arranged, expanded and contracted just by clicking and dragging
  • Select from several types of charts—bar, pie, line, area, or funnel—or choose a gauge or grid/table format
  • Configure to select data by date ranges and other criteria, or use a query to narrow the dataset
  • Just click on a chart segment to drill down to data details
  • Customize to set titles, labels, legends, colorsets, backgrounds, and other formatting details
  • Re-configure at any time to change format, labeling, or data selections
  • Security features ensure that dashboard users can only view data for which they are authorized
  • Share widgets or even entire dashboards using export and import functions
  • Publish non-interactive versions to your school website or distribute them to other community users via a web link
Click for a printable Senior Dashboard™ Product Profile, or view the full list of printable Senior Product Profiles. Or better yet, contact Sales for a custom demo!