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My BackPack™ Web Portal Faculty/Staff Community

Share information and provide data entry capabilities for your private or independent school faculty and staff with My BackPack™ Faculty/Staff Community.
You want to provide an easy method for faculty and staff to access information they need from your school’s central database, enter data for tasks like attendance and grading, and send broadcast emails to students and parents. You need a secure and easy-to-use web portal that works for PCs or Macs, and makes it simple for faculty and staff to find what they need, enter data, and to interact with the school community. And you need your faculty/staff web portal to be totally integrated with your school’s central database, so everyone has access to the same, current data.
The Faculty/Staff Community for My BackPack™ provides a web-based portal for faculty and staff to access their school-related data from school or home.
  • Faculty and staff can view a variety of student information, including schedules, attendance and discipline records, grades and comments, and academic history
  • Teachers can enter marking period grades and comments, attendance, and discipline, and print class rosters and schedules
  • Faculty and staff can view biographical and contact data for students and parents
  • Faculty and staff can create broadcast emails to selected classes or specific groups of students and parents
  • Integrates with Senior Academic Office™, and Senior Summer School™, to provide current, relevant data
  • Add Daily Gradebook for My BackPack™ to provide teachers with a flexible, easy-to-use electronic gradebook
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