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Daily Gradebook™ for My BackPack™

Give your private or independent school teachers a powerful electronic gradebook and communications tool with Daily Gradebook for My BackPack™.
The less time teachers spend on administrative tasks, the more time they can spend with students. You want to provide your teachers with a sophisticated grading tool to enhance productivity, and to make it easier for them to provide assignment information and feedback to students and parents in a timely fashion. You need a web-based tool that is flexible enough to adapt to a teacherís individual work style and grading policies, handling a wide variety of grading schemes, calculation methods, and types of assignments. You need to provide the ability to easily record comments, publish assignments, and produce grading and progress reports at any time. And, of course, you want your electronic gradebook to integrate with your student information system or registrar software, to upload marking period grades and comments.
Daily Gradebook is an add-on module for the My BackPack™ Faculty/Staff Community which gives teachers a web-based electronic version of their gradebook.
  • Web-based electronic gradebook is available from anywhere, readily accommodates PCs or Macs
  • Adapts to teachersí work styles and grading policies, with a variety of grade calculation methods
  • Quick setup with copy features based on templates and prior gradebooks
  • Advanced capabilities such as individual grading scales for students, bell curve grading, and incorporating attendance policies into grade calculations
  • Print grading reports and grade entry worksheets at any time
  • Publish homework, other assignments and grades to students and parents via the My BackPack™ Student/Parent Community
  • Easily create customized progress reports, with ability to email report links to students and parents
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