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Online Admissions for My BackPack™

Streamline the admissions process for your private or independent school with Online Admissions for My BackPack™.
You know that user self-service increases efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction. You need a solution for your admissions process that is flexible, customizable, and user-friendly, and that can handle multiple kinds of applications, each with its own form, checklist items, and fee. You want to collect inquiry data and applications and fee payments efficiently, and you want to be able to customize the user experience. And, of course, you need the data to be automatically uploaded to your admissions system and accounting software.
Online Admissions for My BackPack™ is an add-on module to enable prospective students to inquire and/or submit applications and payments online.
  • Enables prospect and applicant self-service via links on your school’s website
  • Application and inquiry forms customized for your school
  • Parents can submit applications for multiple children, download checklist items and other documents, view current status of each item, and pay application fees
  • Extensive customization of screens, instructions, and automated email responses provides optimal user experience
  • Integration with Senior Admissions™ enables data to be automatically uploaded via an approval process (with ability to make changes and corrections, and to print submitted applications), saving time and ensuring accuracy
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