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Online Enrollment/Re-enrollment For My BackPack™

Streamline the enrollment and re-enrollment processes for your private or independent school with Online Enrollment/Re-enrollment For My BackPack™.
The enrollment and re-enrollment process is detailed and paperwork-heavy, and often requires customization of documents for individual families. You need a software tool to help you accurately manage all the details, and to increase your efficiency for this labor-intensive process. You also want to make it as easy as possible for parents to complete all parts of the process, including review of profile and contact data, viewing, printing, and submitting contracts, submitting additional forms as required, and paying enrollment or other deposits. And, of course, you need the documents and data to be automatically uploaded to your enrollment management and accounting software.
Online Enrollment/Re-enrollment for My BackPack™ is an add-on module to enable parents to complete the enrollment or re-enrollment process and submit deposit payments online.
  • Enables parent self-service for the contract submission and deposit payment process
  • Contracts and other documents are customized with family and enrollment data, calculations, and dates
  • Parents can view and update profile and contact data online
  • Supports contracts by family or by student
  • Customization of screens, instructions, and automated email responses provides optimal user experience
  • Integration with Senior Enrollment Management™ enables documents and data to be automatically uploaded via an approval process, saving time and ensuring accuracy
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