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School Management Software from Senior Systems – Integrated, Modular, Scalable, Single Database Solution
Everything you need to run your private or independent school. All tied together. Senior Systems provides a comprehensive enterprise-style database system for private and independent K-12 schools. All the pieces work together because all the data is stored in a single, central database. You can get just the modules you need, and you can add more whenever you’re ready.
Enter once, use everywhere. With Senior Systems, you get the best of both worlds—modular software components give you the flexibility to configure just the system you need, but all the modules utilize a single, central database for seamless integration. You don’t have any of the headaches that come with trying to keep multiple copies of data synchronized between applications. Along with improved data integrity, full integration also gives you real productivity benefits, since your staff doesn’t need to enter the same data more than once. And full integration means real-time updating, so you know you’ve got the latest version.
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Integrates with My BackPack™ Web Portal Components:
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