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Senior Deanís Office™

Collect and monitor student attendance and discipline information for your private or independent school Academic Office with Senior Deanís Office™.
Attendance and discipline tracking are detailed, time-sensitive tasks. You need a software solution that is flexible and easy to use. You need to be able to take daily attendance, class attendance, or both, depending on the divisions within your school, and you need up-to-the-minute exception reports to address discrepancies in a timely manner. You need a flexible way to track and monitor discipline infractions and actions, including an automated but customized mailing function for letters. For boarding schools, you also may need to track and monitor weekend sign outs and permissions. And you want all of these functions to integrate with your student information system or registrar software.
Senior Deanís Office™, as part of Senior Academic Office™, is specially designed to manage attendance and discipline details for independent schools.
  • Configure attendance and discipline entry/reporting separately for each division within your school to reflect differing policies
  • Enable daily attendance, class attendance or both
  • Supports unlimited attendance types and codes for meaningful summaries and reports
  • Administrators can view today's attendance data at-a-glance
  • Create global attendance entries for sports, clubs or other programs
  • Define custom discipline infractions, points, rules, and actions
  • Boarding schools can track weekend sign outs and permissions
  • Easy to create customized discipline letters and mailings to students and parents
  • With the My BackPack™ Faculty/Staff Community, enable web-based entry for daily and class attendance and discipline infractions
  • With the My BackPack™ Student/Parent Community, allow students and parents to view attendance and discipline details
  • Add Senior Dashboard™ for Academics for graphical analysis and up-to-the-minute reporting
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