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Senior Placement™

Track and manage all the details in your private or independent school College Placement Office with Senior Placement™.
Your Placement Office provides guidance and administrative tracking for studentsí searches and applications for their next educational steps, whether that is college or some other subsequent institution. You need a tool that can collect and manage all the details for college visits and applications, requirements and deadlines, and institutional contacts and mailings, as well as provide reports and data for comparisons, prioritization, and analysis. You need accuracy and efficiency so nothing falls through the cracks. And your placement software needs to integrate with your student information system, to avoid the need for duplicate data entry.
Senior Placement™ is an add-on module for Senior Academic Office™, which helps to track and coordinate all the details involved in the application process for colleges or other outside institutions.
  • School Scattergram feature allows families to compare college choices based on past student GPA and standardized test scores
  • Track college visits and school-sponsored trips
  • Customizable checklists to track all requirements for each application
  • Integration with Senior Registrar™ eliminates need to enter student biographical information, grades, etc.
  • Track applications by student or by college/institution
  • Easy data entry and mailing functions to maintain contact information for colleges and institutions
  • Extensive reporting and data export for analysis at summary and detail levels, with option to mask student name with a Placement ID for anonymity
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