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Senior Registrar™

Keep your private or independent school Registrarís Office running smoothly with Senior Registrar™.
Your Registrarís Office is responsible for all of your official academic data. Your central student information system needs to keep up with all the details and changes for student and parent biographical data and addresses, grades and comments, schedules, health records, emergency contacts, advisors, and more. You need your registrar software to manage data for faculty and courses and scheduling, and you need to create clear and readable report cards, transcripts, faculty and student schedules, class rosters, and mailings of various types. And, of course, you need your student and academic data to integrate closely with the rest of your academic and school management software, including your accounting, admissions, and alumni/development systems.
Senior Registrar™ is at the heart of Senior Academic Office™, and provides a robust yet flexible student information system that helps you manage and administer all facets of your Registrarís Office. Here are just a few of the features:
  • Full-featured central student information system to handle and track extensive student and parent data, multiple addresses, and various family configurations
  • Each division within your school can have different marking periods, grading scales and policies, and schedules
  • Easy to create customized report cards, transcripts, schedules, rosters, and mailings
  • Special dormitory management features to support boarding schools
  • Extensive reporting, analysis, and data export capabilities to give you the details AND the big picture
  • Add Senior Schedule Builder/Loader™ to extend scheduling functionality with sophisticated algorithms for building and automatically loading schedules
  • Add Senior Teacher Administration™ to allow teachers to enter marking period grades, comments, attendance, and discipline
  • Add Senior Placement™ for college or next school planning and application management
  • Add the My BackPack™ Faculty/Staff Community to enable web-based entry for marking period grades and comments, homework, attendance, and discipline
  • Add the Daily Gradebook option for My BackPack™ to utilize a web-based electronic gradebook for teachers
  • Add the My BackPack™ Student/Parent Community to provide student and parent access to homework, grades and comments, and biographical data
  • Add Senior Dashboard™ for Academics for graphical analysis and up-to-the-minute reporting
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