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Senior Scheduling™

Make quick work of scheduling tasks for your private or independent school Registrar or Academic Office with Senior Scheduling™.
No one envies the master schedulerís job. Itís a complex process with lots of factors to balance. You need your scheduling software to simplify the process by helping you to define your courses, sections, and resources (faculty, rooms, meeting times), and to collect course request data from students and faculty. You need the flexibility to schedule by group, by section, or by student, and to handle last-minute changes. You may need to create special types of block schedules and day rotations, or different kinds of schedules for different divisions within your school. You need extensive reporting and conflict-checking to help spot problems as early in the process as possible, and customized printing/mailing functions to distribute clear, readable schedules to everyone involved. And you need it all to be completely integrated with your student information system.
Senior Scheduling™, as part of Senior Academic Office™, is specially designed to handle the complexities of the independent school scheduling process.
  • Supports block or modular scheduling, up to 14 days in a rotation, specified separately for each division within your school
  • Work on next yearís schedule can begin at any time during the year
  • Define unlimited courses and sections, including details about pre- and co-requisites, books, etc.
  • Collect and summarize student course requests and faculty recommendations
  • Flexible scheduling process by student, by section, or by group, with conflicts clearly identified
  • Extensive reporting to spot and resolve problems, and review statistics and summaries
  • Create, print, and mail schedules and class rosters to students, parents, faculty, and staff
  • Add Senior Schedule Builder/Loader™ to extend scheduling functionality with sophisticated algorithms for building and automatically loading schedules
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