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School Management Software Security Features

Balance the need for information with smart security controls. You want people to have access to all the data they need to do their jobs, but you also need to protect sensitive information. Senior Systems applications include a robust yet flexible hierarchical security structure that can be configured to meet your security needs. Each user has a unique user name and password, and is assigned security "keys" to access authorized applications, functions, and data. Some of the features of the security controls include:
  • Security key hierarchy simplifies the process of user authorization—you can allow or restrict access at exactly the level you need
  • Easy drag and drop security key assignment
  • Set user authorizations by individual, or to save time, set up groups for similar users and just assign the user to a security group
  • Many data types provide separate security levels for view and edit capabilities
  • Supports LDAP authentication
  • Can restrict access to certain range of dates to provide for temporary users
  • Administrator can lock user accounts and reset passwords
  • Auto-assign functions for web portal users with structured user names
  • Set custom rules for password strength requirements
  • Can require users to periodically change passwords and/or lock accounts after a number of unsuccessful login attempts