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Project Management

Implementing a new school management system is a complex project. Our project managers guide you every step of the way by coordinating all the details to ensure a successful transition. Each of our project managers has extensive experience working with private and independent schools in one or more of our product categories (Academics/Admissions, Business Office, and Alumni/Development). Depending on which Senior Systems software modules you have purchased, we may assign a single project manager, or a team of up to 3 managers to oversee all activities related to your implementation. Because our project managers have worked with many different kinds of schools, they are an invaluable resource for you as you make decisions about how to organize your operations or how to take advantage of specific software features.
Your project manager starts by determining the unique needs of your school and staff, and helping you to map out a complete schedule for the transition. He/she configures the software, oversees data conversions, consults with you regarding procedural changes you may wish to make, and coordinates any special customization that is needed. When itís time to go live, the project manager provides training and initial support to get your operations running smoothly. He/she is also available to our support staff for consultation if there are questions later on.
For more details about the Senior Systems implementation process, see the Installation Timeline.