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School Management Software Training

Now you've got it. Make sure you know how to use it. Comprehensive training for key personnel ensures that your school reaps the benefits from your investment in new school management software. Senior Systems provides customized training at the time of implementation, and also on an as-needed basis for new hires, as a refresher for existing users, or to explore a particular topic in more depth. In most cases, our trainers set up a temporary training database with your own data, allowing your staff to learn and experiment with real data, but without having to worry about “breaking” anything. We recommend standard training schedules for each of our products, but these can be adapted and customized based on your unique situation and the level of expertise among your staff.
Depending on your needs and preferences, we can provide training services in 3 different formats:
  • At Your Site – Onsite training is the most effective method, especially for new installations, but can of course be subject to various commitments and distractions in the school environment. To make the most of your onsite training, we recommend that you clear the schedules for participants, and set up a training area that is removed from the school distractions to the extent possible.
  • Online – Online training via Webex can be a convenient supplement to onsite training, or an economical way to bring a new hire up to speed. This option is ideal for targeted training on specific functions or to allow maximum flexibility for training schedules.
  • At Our Offices – We can also provide training at our offices in Marlborough, MA. This may be especially appropriate for training a single employee or new hire, advanced topics like specialized report writing or a technical overview for an MIS administrator, or an in-depth session on a complex topic such as student scheduling.
Contact your project manager at any time to schedule training services!